Club By-Laws




Section 1: The general purpose of this club, hereinafter called the
Greater Ozarks Mustang Club, shall be charitable and to promote and
encourage the preservation of Mustangs and Shelbys and activities
connected with such but not limited to

A. Picnics
B. Tours
C. Car Shows and Displays
D. Good image of Mustangs and Shelbys
E. Safe Driving

Section 2: To serve as an accurate and technical source of
information concerning Mustangs and Shelbys for the benefit of its
members and general public.


Section 1: Neither the members of the club nor its officers, present
and future, shall be personally liable for any claim, damage or debt
against the club or its members or for any indebtedness incurred by
the club or any of its members.


Section 1: The officers of this club shall be President, Vice
President, Secretary, Treasurer, Board of Directors, and other
officers which may be elected as needed. Officers shall serve for one
(1) year from January thru December following their election, or until
successors are elected.

Section 2: In September of each year, an Election Committee
consisting of four (4) shall poll all eligible members as candidates
for elected officers. An attempt shall be made for no less than two
(2) candidates for each office. The Committee shall report their
selections at the October meeting of the club, at which time
additional nominations will be announced in the next newsletter.

Section 3: Absentee Ballots shall be mailed to voting members no less
than two (2) weeks prior to the election upon request from the
election committee.

Section 4: The Officers shall be elected at the November meeting each
year by written ballot received prior to, or, presented on, election
day. No officer shall serve more than two (2) consecutive years in
the same position.

Section 5: New Officers shall be installed at the December meeting,
but shall not assume duties of office until January 1 of the following

Section 6: Officers may resign at any time giving thirty (30) days
advance written notice to the membership.

Section 7: If and when in the course of a term of an elected Officer,
he/she should resign or otherwise be unable to serve his/her office,
the President shall appoint a successor t the office with the approval
of the balance of the Board. Should the President resign, the
Vice-President shall assume duties for the remainder of the term and
appoint a new Vice-President. Confirmation by members will be made at
the next general business meeting.

Section 8: The President shall be the Chief Officer of the Club and
shall have general supervision and directional control of the club and
business meetings. He shall oversee all meetings, carry out the
wishes of the club, and handle related correspondence.

Section 9: The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the
President in the event of his/her temporary absence.

Section 10: The Secretary shall attend all meetings and record the
minutes of all meetings, keep a record of members and attendance,
maintain club papers, and handle related correspondence.

Section 11: The Treasurer shall maintain the books of account and the
funds of the club and no moneys shall be withdrawn without the
signatures of any two of the current four officers.

Section 12: The Board of Directors shall include seven (7) members
consisting of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, past
year’s President, past year’s Vice-President, and a Member-at-Large.
The Member-at-Large shall be elected by the majority of club
membership at the annual election. In the event of an officer being
re-elected, there will be an election in January of the new year to
bring the board of Directors members to a total of seven. The Board
shall oversee all club functions and shall appoint all committees
necessary to carry out club functions, including special events
Committees and all others deemed necessary.

Section 13: Should any Officer or Director fail to perform the duties
of his/her office for a period of ninety (90) days, he/she may be
removed from office by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


Section 1: The fiscal year shall be from January 1, to December 31.

Section 2: Dues are assessed for the fiscal year. Dues shall be
payable by the first of January of each year and will be delinquent on
February 1. Any new member entering the club before July 1 October 1
of each year will pay one full year’s membership rate. After July 1,
October 1, dues will be pro-rated.
Section 3: Dues shall be determined by the majority of the club at
the January meeting and reflected in the minutes.

Section 4: All moneys of the Greater Ozarks Mustang Club after the
club’s expenses shall be used for purposes determined by the club.


Section 1: Persons eligible for membership shall convey an obvious
enthusiasm for Mustangs, Ford Products, and for club activities. Car
ownership is not a prerequisite for membership.

Section 1A: Membership is defined as those within the same household.

Section 2: Only members that attend a minimum of fifty (50) percent
of the regularly scheduled business meetings in one (1) year starting
January 1, or from the time membership is granted, may hold office.
Only members may vote and only one vote per membership.

Section 3: Membership will be accepted at any time by completing the
club membership form and forwarding it to the post office box or to a
club officer and will be subject to club guidelines.

Section 4: Members will be expected to conduct themselves in an
orderly fashion at all times and a member conducting himself/herself
otherwise as to damage the image of the club can be expelled from the
club by a majority vote at a regularly scheduled business meeting.


Section 1: Any changes in the above By-Laws must be approved by a
majority vote of the members present at a regularly scheduled business
meeting. Any changes made to the existing By-Laws of the club
requires an automatic thirty (30) day table of such changes and
notification of the proposed change shall be mailed to all members.


Section 1: All vehicles participating in tours and club functions
must conform to State and Federal safety laws and have adequate

Section 2: The club recommends seat belts and fire extinguishers in
all cars for owner and passenger safety.